Omnichannel is known as the multichannel sales and marketing method that makes it possible for a business to reach its audience across multiple digital and brick and mortar touchpoints and provide them with an integrated shopping experience.

There are many ways to reach an audience and use those ways to provide them with a favorable shopping experience.

From blog and social media posts, newsletter subscriptions, direct marketing via emails or text messaging, to social shopping apps and more, people are discovering, engaging with, and shopping from brands in a variety of ways.

The word omni means in all ways, in all places. Consumers no longer shop or communicate in any one way. Some prefer to be reached  by email, others through text message, and still other over social media channels. The goal is for your business to have a presence across the many, if not all portals available to reach your audience and turn that audience from leads into loyal customers and big brand fans.

Omnichannel marketing includes:

•Responsive web design and development


•Interactive blogging

•Direct marketing via email or text / social messaging

•Social media communities

•Forums and groups


•Affiliate marketing

•Article submission

•Influencer marketing

•Earned media



No one customer communicates or shops in the same way.

Omnichannel marketing is ideal but not always realistic for businesses that don't have the team or resources necessary to take advantage of the many opportunities. What's important is creating and deploying and omnichannel strategy that works best for you, and your customers too.

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