What is PitchFreePR™ with Margaret Schell?


Small Business Marketing Strategies

PitchFreePR™ is a search engine optimized marketing strategy for niche fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands that want to move beyond grassroots and take their business to the next level without having to pay a marketing or PR agency a monthly fee. The strategy is based on an attraction marketing model and works for new and emerging brands as well as established businesses in need of a boost. PitchFreePR™ is for you if you want to:

    • Attract a bigger audience, better buzz, and sickk (sic) sales.
    • Keep the cool factor while you grow your audience.
    • Stake claim to your unique story and "own" it in the marketplace.
    • Give people something to buzz about and keep them coming back for more.
    • Be a media magnet & command the attention of the press, not chase after it.

A Virtual Coaching Program

PitchFreePR™ is a members-only virtual coaching program and independent self-study that gives creative entrepreneurs the ability to customize an attraction marketing strategy on their own terms, in their own time and according to their budget. The program contains:

      • 6 video modules: tutorials that can be watched anywhere at any time.
      • A step-by-step action plan: add it all up and you have a strategy.
      • Downloadable worksheets: cement your work as you customize the strategy.
      • Weekly mastermind calls: a q+a session with me when you want and need it.
      • Access to community: chic-minded individuals sharing resources and advice.

 A Social Networking Community

The PitchFreePR™ community is a private place where program members can share business advice, tips and resources as a way of supporting one another on their path to success.

How It Works


A Members Only Program

PitchFreePR™ is a private program and networking community reserved for those with membership privileges. If you'd like to join, follow these steps:

      • Click to apply for a free brand discovery session with me, Margaret Schell. The PitchFreePR™ plan may not be right for everyone so a consultation is required to determine if I can really help. Once I receive your application I will reply to you within 24-48 hours in order to schedule the call.
      • Be prepared for the call. Expect me to dig deep and ask you the questions about where you're at now in your business, where you'd like to be and what's holding you back.
      • If I feel I can help, I will invite you to enroll in the program. And if not, you will walk away from the call with a clear direction of what you need to do next so your time will not be wasted.
      • Once a member, always a member. You will have lifetime access to the program: videos, worksheets, mastermind calls and community.
      • Each of the 6 video modules will be unlocked and available to you immediately so you can do the work according to your own timeline.

What Will PitchFreePR™ Do For You?


  • Will PitchFreePR™ help you reach new customers and grow your business?  Absolutely. PitchFreePR™ was created to move your brand beyond grassroots by attracting bigger and better audiences. Once you have set the proper foundation for your marketing, you will learn how to optimize your work so that your ideal target audience of customers and fans can find or discover you.
  • Will the program help you land press? Yes, but this is not a program that teaches you how to pitch the press because there are plenty of other programs out there that already do that. Rather, the goal is to optimize your brand story and content so that the press can find you. This way, you can attract the media to your story, rather than imposing it onto them.
  • Will the program help you increase your presence across blogs and social media sites? Yes, and while this is not a program that teaches you how to use social media, it's even better because now you'll know what to say, who to say it to, why and what to ask for in return. Attraction marketing isn't one-sided, it's all about optimizing your brand's rank across search engines. Blogs and social media can help you but only if you know how to ask.
  • Can your brand actually grow without press? Most definitely. The power to generate buzz is now in the hands of your consumer audience. So the goal of the program is to build your own audience of customers and fans who will generate buzz for you. Once that happens, the press will come and help your brand tip.
  • Can you really get buzz for your brand without having to pay for it? Yes. You will no longer spend your marketing budget on unnecessary media outreach with no guarantee of return on investment. Those dollars will be allocated to the development and distribution of your original content - the area where you're most likely spending your marketing budget anyway.
  • Can you really do this work on your own? You can! I've created a simple solution to your most pressing marketing and PR needs. The instructions have been super simplified so they are easy to understand and to follow. Plus, I am here to answer any and all questions you have along the way.
  • What type of skills do you need? There are no professional prerequisites for this program. Nothing but a burning desire to succeed is required. A minimal amount of tech work is necessary but don't worry if you're not versed in tech because now you will know what questions to ask and how to direct.
  • How long will it take? That all depends on you. When you follow the plan and do the work, you increase your chances of becoming a "buzzworthy" brand faster than if not. Success does not happen overnight, it takes time and hustle. However, when you do the work to set your brand up for buzz you will have a better chance of being on the fast-track.
  • How is this plan different from others? PitchFreePR™ doesn't just teach you the skills, it teaches you how to think and act like an innovative brand. Marketing is part strategy and part creative and this plan provides you with both.
  • Is PitchFreePR™ a reliable program? Absolutely. I consider myself fortunate to have been the trusted spokesperson on behalf of hundreds of well-known and reputable brands. And now I want to help you too.
  • What Is The Investment? There is a one-time entry fee to join the PitchFreePR™ program. The fee is less than one month in marketing or PR agency fees and it gives you access to the program for life.

I have helped hundreds of fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands and now I want to help you too. So, if you're ready to move on from grassroots and become a buzzworthy brand, click here to apply. I'll see you then! -Margaret