Content marketing is the art and science of using your blog articles, newsletters, social media posts and more as tools to get free traffic to your website

In order to be heard, businesses need to think of themselves first and foremost as a publishing company. And one that provides compelling and informative content.

Content is the lifeblood of communications for any business. Without it, you'll struggle to create awareness for your products or services, let alone reach your target audience and generate sales.

The bulk of your content marketing needs to be original while other forms can be curated from a variety of sources.

The benefits of content marketing include but are not limited to:

•The establishment of brand authority, credibility, and trust

•Expanded brand reach

•Search Engine Optimization (SEO) support

•Lead generation and sales conversions

•Influence over a target audience

•Propagation of news and information shared by your audience

Content is a necessary marketing tool in the digital economy. But it takes creative thought and skill to produce it.

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