Successful businesses no longer have customers, they have communities. Community building begins with a solid understanding of your target audience. A group of people who come together to bond over social and cultural interests with leadership from your brand.

Now that direct from factory shipping and automation have ripped the soul out of business, brands have no choice but to create a thriving community experience.

In the digital economy, manufacturers make it possible for consumers to order goods direct from factories and automation technology has depleted the need for service. Businesses are left with little choice but to sell a positive brand experience to make their goods and services desirable. The best hope a brand has to succeed is to renew, refresh, or restore the soul of its business by building its own thriving community of loyalists.

People are no longer just consumers, they need a real good reason to make a purchase. Knowing who your audience is - what they stand for, and what they stand against - is the first step towards building a brand community, a hub where they can come together to bond with one another over like-minded social and cultural preferences. And all under the leadership of your brand.

The benefits of building a brand community are:

•Aligning with social and cultural trends that keep your brand relevant

•Attracting people who's "influence" alone will sell your goods and services 

•Identifying early adopters who provide valuable market feedback 

•Building viral awareness from people who share news about your brand 

A brand that talks to everyone talks to no one.

Building a brand community begins with a bit of "brand anthropology". What challenges or problems does your target audience face and how can your business help overcome them?

Too many businesses make the mistake of not doing the research necessary to know who their target audience is and what the emerging social and cultural trends are that matter most to them. And this is how most brands become irrelevant.

Don't let that happen to your brand.

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